IU’s pajama caught on fire

IU accidentally burned her precious pajama.

On September 3rd, the singer posted on her Twitter, “Don’t you smell something burning? My pajamas are burning.. While I was cooking ramen.. keke I’ll just consider it as a way of driving away all the bad things that might happen during the concert..”

The included photo showed the pink pajama that IU was wearing with the bottom part burned. Particularly, IU made her fans laugh by quoting, “Can't you smell something burning?”, which is a famous line from drama ‘Fire Bird’.

A fan commented, “You better pay a tribute to the pajamas kekekekeke”, to which IU replied, “Not that... keke My little brother gave it to me as a present so I was wearing it with care.. I have lots of pajamas keke If you need any pajamas tell me.”

She added, “No coordi liked that pajama... Now she won't be able to see me wearing it.”

Credit: WeheartIU