IU collects 20 million KRW for charity in two minutes

Singer IU has proved her popularity, collecting a large amount of donation in just a matter of minutes.

On September 4, an online community forum post was made titled “IU is great. She collects 20 million won in only two minutes,” and drew a lot of interest from the fans.

The post was referring to the 2012 broadcast of MBC’s charity TV program ‘New Life For Children’. IU served as a guest performer and sang a children’s song called “Cumulus Cloud”. As soon as she started singing, the total donation collections rose up from 28,000 KRW to more than 20 million KRW, shocking everyone on set.

A netizen commented, Since it was a children’s song, it was only two minutes long. If she sang ‘Good Day,’ she could have collected more than a hundred million won.”

Source: XportsNews