Interview with Cypop's co-founder Josie Baik!

DKPOP News has started a new café! Join today Once we reach 100,000 users we will have a very special KPOP guest provide some exclusive content just for our café members!

For those that don’t know, cafés are one of the most popular forms of social media in Korea. A new company, in the United States has recently launched an English language version of a café website and we are excited to be one of the first to bring KPOP discussions to all of our readers! In addition to the DKPOP News café, you can create your own fan cafés about your favorite KPOP idols!

According to one of the co-founders of cyPOP, Josie Baik (@JosieBaik) she feels the site offers a great balance of features, “cyPOP is a great website that takes many of the fun elements from Korean cafés while also adding in interest mapping, a very cool bookmarklet and folios for you to collect all your favorite pictures, videos and articles in. Having grown up in both the United States and Korea, I wanted us to put together the best of both approaches to online communities”.

While bookmarklets are a bit new out side the United States, Josie feels that once our readers try it they will love it, “The bookmarklet is installed in the bookmark bar in your browser and let’s you visit websites and select items and save them directly into cyPOP either for your own private collections or for posting and sharing later in cafés”.

So what are you waiting for,let's have fun together on Cypop!