Information about Yoochun’s Fanmeeting in Thailand!

Hello everyone, today we want to inform you about the pre-sale fanmeeting ticket and will answer some questions that have been asked a lot lately.

~ The pre-sale fanmeeting tickets are shipped already. If you don’t receive it by 12 September 2012, please contact us as soon as possible ( Email: . We will try to solve the problem for you

>> FAQ
1. When will the fanmeeting start?
- At 6 PM (Current local time in Thailand) [16 September 2012]

2. If I come to the fanmeeting a little bit late, would I still have a chance to get my ticket?
- Yes, no problem. SNP Media HUB team will be waiting in front the venue all the time. But make sure you have your ID and some specific documents with you.

3. Where/when can I collect my fanmeeting card  the hard non-paper one) and poster?
- Both fanmeeting card and poster can be collected in front of the venue on 16. September 2012. But if you are afraid that poster will be folded, you can pick them up after the fanmeeting too.

4. I have sent several emails but no response.
- Make sure you have sent the emails to (This is our only official email!)
And please write the topic of the email clearly.

5. Full refund
- The full refund can be done only when you transferred us money but don’t get a seat. Or when your name is not on attendance list. Please send an email to including proof of payment from bank.

6. Why does SNP Media HUB reply my question very late?
- Sometimes we are unsure about the answer. So we better wait for confirmation/clear answer from Korea first.

7. I am not able to collect the fanmeeting ticket on 8 September. What can I do?
- You can collect your ticket on the fanmeeting day in front of the venue.

8. Will there be any special events before the fanmeeting starts? Such as a private meeting or fan signing…
- No, there won’t be any such event. But there’s a lucky draw to find lucky fans who will get chance to play games with Yoochun.

9. May you give us some details about Yoochun’s flight and which hotel he is going to stay at?
- We cannot answer such question.

10. Can we take photos during the fanmeeting?
- No, it’s forbidden. You are not allowed to take any pictures or record any videos.
Futhermore, the moving text LED that fans love to bring with, can’t be bigger than a size of A4. Because it will disturb view of other fans who sit behind you.

11. Is there a gift section for Yoochun?
- Yes, there is.

12. [omitted]

13. We want to make a fan project. But there’s no response from the organizer
- Every project that has been presented to us, are sent to C-Jes. Because we, SNP Media HUB, have no rights to decide for this. It’s up to Yoochun’s Korean management.

14. I want to hug Yoochun. Will we all be able to get a hug from him?
- We want to hug him too. But It’s up to Yoochun, if he would love to hug all of us.
But the lucky draw winners really have a big chance to get hugged by him. Good luck guys ^_^v

If you have some more questions, please let us know. Take care.

Translated By: JeffKIIISsBelle of JYJ3