‘Infinity Challenge’ & ‘Running Man’ cancel filming to wait for LeeSSang

The cast and crew of MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’ and SBS’ ‘Running Man’ have cancelled its recording for the week to wait for LeeSSang’s return to the programs.

LeeSSang’s Gary and Gil announced their hiatus from variety shows to take the responsibility for ‘Super 7 Concert’ cancellation. The producers of the two of the country’s most popular shows cancelled its recording to reach out to LeeSSang in the hopes of convincing them to return.

A staff of ‘Running Man’ stated, “After thinking about it, the recordings for the 24th and 25th were canceled. It won't have a big effect on the broadcast.”

However, despite the efforts of both shows, there seems to be no word yet on if there has been any success in changing the LeeSsang members’ minds.

Comedian Jung Joon-ha, a regular of ‘Infinity Challenge’ posted his prayer on his Twitter and changed his profile picture to the one taken with Gil. HaHa also wrote, “It was a painful week…I’ll appreciate for your support and encouragement for us to be who we are, like Joon-ha said. There’s no point if we are not together!”