Hoya's love confession to Seo In Guk is heartbreaking

Portrayal of 1997, Seo In Guk “Pure and mild man – Junhee, all the moments of my life” Interview①

Tattoo Love

(Kim Kyung Ho): “Tattoo Love” appears in “Reply 1997”. A triangle relationship appears between brothers and a girl (Yoon Jae – Shi Won – Tae Woong). The man (Tae Woong) loves the sisters (Shi Won and Shi Won’s sister who is died). Although it is not “tattoo love”, it is difficult for the Korean to accept the homosexual topic (Yoon Jae and Junhee). How does this drama do not get blamed?

Maybe people are reluctant to blame it. Those dramas which are sensational often have many frustrating scenes. But “Reply 1997” doesn’t have these scenes. It is a drama that breaks our hearts and makes people go insane. In my opinion, the part that talks about Junhee(Hoya) loves Yoon Jae makes me heartbroken. Until now, homosexuality is still hard thing. Junhee’s love is beautiful and no one has the feeling of resistance.

“Reply 1997” is really a drama which transpires love fragrance. I didn’t meet any evil man in my life until now. Maybe the highest degree is just “dislike or unfortunate”? I haven’t met any villain that always appears in the drama yet. “Reply 1997” is really like a life story. “Crazy fans” is a rare topic among the other dramas and it appears in this drama so it’sSeo In Guk “Junhee(Hoya) confession scene really heartbroken” Interview②

Particularly homosexuality cannot be accepted easily in Korean dramas, this can be purely put into the unrequited love of Junhee for Yoon Jae. This motivates that many audiences feel sorry for their relationship and even gets support from some of the audiences. This drama gets praised.

Recently, I meet Seo In Guk in a cafĂ© in Seoul. Concerning Junhee’s unrequited love in the drama, Seo In Guk said, “I am frightened when I first saw the script.”.

“The first thing that I think of is that whether homosexual topic is accepted or not due to the traditional thoughts of Korean.” “But Hoya acts so well so my anxiety disappears immediately.”

“The thing that impressed me most is that Junhee confesses to Yoon Jae. Although the scene is passed through by saying “Ah..yi, what are you joking about?, this really breaks my heart after watching back the video that filming is finished. Through Junhee’s eyesight and sadness from his heart, I can understand that love between men can be a heartbroken thing.”

source: TVDaily | credit trans: Tracy + Imperial1219 at http://infinitesoul.wordpress.com