Goddess unveils MV for “Farewell Party” ft. ZE:A’s Dong Jun

DEF Company’s upcoming girl group, Goddess finally released the full music video for their debut title track, “Farewell Party”.

“Farewell Party” is electronic hip-hop music that added electric sound with hip-hop beat. The song was created by hit songwriter Yeon Jae Min who’s also behind 4men’s “I can’t”, K-will’s “I need you” and more. The music video also features the participation of ZE:A’s Dong Jun.

Goddess consists of four members, Yejin, Bitna, Sojeong and Eunjee, who were all trained in DEF music academy. For their “Farewell Party” debut, the girls portray a unique “gangster” image. Not only their fashion, but their choreography also shows powerful routines.

Check out the MV below: