G.O Sang Bittersweet Song “After You” on Immortal Song 2!

On “Immortal Song” that was broadcast on September 8th on KBS 2TV, G.O performed one popular song of legend Choi Sung Soo, passionately. It was strange that his sad sweet voice sounded the same as Choi Sung Soo’s.

G.O, who stepped into the stage as the first candidate, excitedly said “Choi Sung Soo and I have common. We are both handsome. Handsome well-singing guy is who we are”, blowing all of his worries.

“Hu-in (After You)”, one of the famous songs of Choi Sung Soo that G.O covered is a sorrowful ballad. With romantic lyrics and sweet voice, the song described the perfect feeling of regret when one can only follow the shadow of his ex.

G.O slowly sat down on the chair and started singing. By healing voice and strong appearance, he showed excellently the feelings hidden in “Hu –In (After You)”. At the second half song, beat became faster. Wallowing in performing, G.O stood up and finished the song with his sweet but painful voice.

After G.O’s stage ended, Jeong Jae Hyung commented “I didn’t know that there can be such an amazing cover like this sung on Immortal Song, yet”

His sweet voice reminded us of coming autumn. Choi Sung Soo’s song “Hu-In (After You)” sung by G.O made the audience stand up applauding. Choi Sung Soo listened to G.O’s cover and praised “Bossanova is a very difficult beat. But I really didn’t think that the song would be covered successfully that way”

Source: Newsen
Journalist: Lee NaRae
Translated: zoey@AbsoluteMBLAQ