G.O “I’m sexy when I shower”!

MBLAQ’s G.O wins with 392 votes for Yoon Si Nae’s ‘Poem of Love’.

On the afternoon of the 15th, KBS 2TV broadcasted Immortal Song 2 – Singing The Legend, Yoon Si Nae’s Side.

Before going on to the stage, “‘I want to be alone’ that sort of concept. Lately I’m not doing very well winning on the show. Last time I was lucky enough to win the entire show with just one win on Kim Su Hee’s side. Today I really just want to break out,” G.O has stated determinedly.

Right when he stepped on stage he greeted everyone with much confidence, “The man who is most charming during showers, I’m G.O”. He was clad in all black looking chic and showing off his masculinity while all attention was on him for his explosive singing ability.

With G.O’s performance as an example Moon Hee Joon said, “G.O really is the ‘Top Man’” and Shin Yong Jae also complimented, “By far the best song”.

“There are so many idols that even good singers can be overshadowed and I’m glad that an opportunity like this exists,” today’s legend, Yoon Si Nae, sharing her appreciative opinion as well.

G.O celebrated his own victory by using the trophy as a shower head revealing his ‘sexiest’ moment that is when he is showering.

SOURCE: News Nate
TRANSLATION: afrah! @AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.