G.O ,“having a house with 20 rooms is exaggerating”

MBLAQ’s G.O explained about his house rumored to be considerably viewed as tycoon.

G.O and MBLAQ members invited their friends during their student years to their dorm in the recent recording of Idol Manager.

Other than sharing series of happy moments on abs and talent performance, they also shared interesting memories during their student years.

Amongst them, G.O’s friend asked “Have you seen the article about G.O having a house with 20 rooms?” “It’s totally not exaggerated”.

G.O expressed “There are not as many as 20 rooms. However, there are 3 floors in the house and each floor has 5 rooms. As the house is too huge and the rooms aren’t being fully utilized, we rented them all out”.

Before, on August, during a particular show, G.O was once chosen the first when it comes to wealth among MBLAQs and thus, became a hot topic. During that time, Mir and G.O were introduced as the wealthy second generation in the entertainment industry.

G.O stated “My father used to operate a large golf course, real life survival battle game field, Sled field, leisure water park and other type of business. However, none have made ​​a dent in the huge success.”

MBLAQ and friends will appear in MBC Every1 Idol Manager, which will be showing on this coming 14th at 6 pm.

SOURCE: Starin Edaily News
Chinese Translation by MBLAQCN
English Translated by: icarus@AbsoluteMBLAQ.