D-Unit’s Wooram worries for T-ara’s Boram

Rookie group D-Unit’s Wooram expressed her concerns for her sister, Boram of T-ara.

On September 8th, Both T-ara and D-UNIT appeared on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’. Although the two have similar promotional schedules, they have not been able to meet frequently due to the T-ara scandal.

During their short break, the siblings met each other and Wooram expressed her worries about Boram, seeing how much her sister lost her weight. Wooram said, “She had lost so much weight, she was just all bones.”

She added that no doubt this was the result of the T-ara scandal, “There are so many articles about T-ara coming up on daily basis, and so many people still have very negative views on them. I think she’s been worrying and stressed out.”

However, Boram tried to comfort her younger sister as she told her, “Don’t be so worried. I’m doing fine, so don’t worry about me.”

Wooram also said, “Unni placed first on music programs because the T-ara members worked hard. D-UNIT don’t really give much care about the ranks, but I hope we will be able to win some awards as well.”

Source: Nate