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About Drama
Jonghyun, I heard you just finished drama filming successfully.
JH: Yes. As I had never experienced acting, I felt lots of worries and pressures. But thanks to Yonghwa and the other members’ cheering, I am able to be more confident… Ah, honestly, as for acting there are many things I don’t know or I can’t do well yet. haha
YH: I don’t say his poor point at all. I had very rough time when I did drama and music at the same time before. Now that I can concentrate on music only, it’s not “leave CNBLUE’s work to me!” (laugh), but I thought I will work even harder on CNBLUE than ever so that others can act with ease.
JH: I thought again that Yonghwa is the reliable leader of CNBLUE!
YH: (shy smile) That’s because the other three are working hard!

Yonghwa, you produced a song for Korean new artist JUNIEL, and have truly concentrated on music.
YH: I’m happy for that. When I compose other singers’ song, I feel another pressure because I compose with the artists’ image. But the difference of color is fun and stimulated me, as a musician.
Jonghyun, did you feel you anything changed in CNBLUE’s Jonghyun after you experienced acting?
JH: I think I became able to express more in singing.
YH: I thought so too!

About Songwriting
Long-awaited major 1st album “CODE NAME BLUE” was accomplished.
YH: This album is the first album after Japan major debut. Not only our fans who have supported us, we want people who don’t know us yet to know CNBLUE and to listen to our music. That’s why we titled it “CODE NAME BLUE”, our band name’s origin.

This album includes 13 songs (14 for Limited Edition) of various genres.
JH: We thought major 1st album is a new start. So we remembered our feeling that we had when we first started music. At that time, we decided to try various genres, rather than to stay in one genre or to decide one. Because we were still young and that would broaden our perspective and our band’s capability. So, I hope people to listen this album just like playing various bands’ music randomly on iPod etc.

Indeed, every song has different impression. First, I was surprised at 3rd single “Come on” (released on 1st Aug.). The whole song shows this band vigorous and heavy. Surprisingly, this song is composed by Jonghyun. I had an image that Jonghyun’s composed songs are ballads or warm and fresh sounds, so to be honest, that was a surprise.
YH: I was surprised when I first listened (laugh).
JH: I was surprised by myself (laugh). At first I thought of making a song that is easy for Yonghwa to sing. But while I was composing, the song’s image got more and more rough.
YH: I love the song as the whole atmosphere is cool. But the key is…… high (laugh). It’s tough for me.
JH: Sorry…… While composing, the key became higher and higher before I knew it.
YH: The other day I first sang it (live) at “a-nation”, and I realized again that the key is high! (laugh). This song has few places to take breaths. There’re Jonghyun’s singing parts as well, so I can manage to sing. But if I sang alone, definitely I would suffocate (laugh).
JH: It would become a serious problem.
YH: I got help from Jonghyun. Thank you~.

But in the first place, that’s because Jonghyun composed a high-key song.
YH: Oh yes. If the sound itself was not good, I would have rejected it at once (laugh).

So, you placed priority on sound quality.
YH: Yes. But if the key was impossible to sing, I would ask Jonghyun to do something (laugh)

You two are the composers in CNBLUE, is there any song you had trouble with making?
JH: The 7th track, “No more”. At first I was composing by myself, but something was missing. But I didn’t know what is missing, melody or arrangement. So I was thinking of giving up. But I thought it would be a waste if I just gave up, because I had taken time to compose. Then I asked Yonghwa-niisan for advice, he added synthesizer, changed melody and helped in many ways. So my problem was solved at once and we accomplished the song.
YH: We made it in 1 or 2hours.
JH: If he didn’t help me, this song wouldn’t be included in this album. This song too, became another challenging song for me.

Indeed, this song has groove sound with impressive light guitar cutting, it has another image than past Jonghyun’s work. However, the 8th track “These days” expresses Jonghyun’s own world view.
JH: I finished this song for less than 1 hour in total, as usual.
Yonghwa-san, do you have any song that you had trouble with?
YH: This time, I never got troubled.
JH: I envy him~. And, he has been continuing writing songs.

That’s great. Now is the period when many songs are arising?
YH: I can write as many as I want. But I don’t guarantee all the songs be nice (laugh).

So, only highly-selected ones from many songs are included in this album, right?
YH: Yes, that’s right.

When to listen to each song in Code Name Blue

Music that you will like to listen would vary according to the time of day.
JH: First, when you wake up, “Wake up”!
YH: Nice~ (laugh). Then, when the night comes, “Have a good night”.

Wow, it closely connects with everyday life. Then, in the order from morning, noon to night?
YH: When you left home in the morning, “Blue Sky.” Then, arriving at company, “Get Away” work (laugh).
JH: (laugh) That’s bad~! But, when you are scolded by boss, “Get Away.”
YH: When you are scolded and have rough time, isn’t “In My Head” better?
JH: Then, at lunch time you see friends and have lunch together, “with me”. In the evening, seeing the sunset out of the window, “These days.”
YH: After finishing work, “No more” (laugh). After that, calling up your friends, “Where you are.” Calling the friend “Come on” and having dinner together, “with me” once more (laugh).
JH: Then, finishing eating, “Time is over” (laugh).

Perfect day.
JH: “Mr.KIA (Know It All)” isn’t included, though…. Amazing. I’m surprised too (laugh). It will be perfect if you play all the songs randomly at night!
YH: Ah, but it’s risky to listen “Come on” when you’re going to sleep.

Certainly, you would be too excited to sleep (laugh).
JH: “Get Away” too!
YH: (say quietly) When you sleep, it would be the best to sleep quietly without listening anything.
JH: I always play music when I sleep, but if I focus on music, it become harder and harder to fall asleep (laugh).
YH: Even when I almost fell asleep, it sometimes happens that a nice phrase comes into my mind, and I get up and record on ipod or iphone.

You become rather awaken. By the way, have you had a dream of writing songs?
YH&JH: No~.
YH: But I wanna do once.
Then, during recording, do you have a dream of recording or performing live?
JH: I’ve never do music in dream yet.
YH: In the first place, I seldom dream a dream.
JH: My dream doesn’t make sense or I can’t understand. I always wonder why I have such dream (laugh).

Dream sometimes makes no sense.
JH: That’s really mystery.
YH: Back to the time to listen, most of CNBLUE’s music are positive and let you feel hope in future, encourage you to go. So I recommend to listen when you wake up in the morning.

Surely you will feel comfortable to wake up in the morning!
JH: And, I want people to listen during car travel.
YH: Tour will start in October, so I want to perform there.
JH: I compose music with image of live performance, so I’m looking forward to playing there already.
YH: As we go to Hiroshima and Shizuoka for the first time, so we are very glad. We are looking forward for it!

By the way, there’s a phrase “Ate no nai yakusoku (promise with no plan to fulfill)” in lyrics. Is there any promise you recently made with members?
JH: “Let’s continue the band even when we become white-headed old men.” This is not recently. It’s the same since we formed CNBLUE.
YH: I think we don’t need to make a promise all the way. Each member works hard. If we see the others working hard, we can tell what the others are aiming and what they are thinking.

Wonderful relationship. At last, from “hokori nante”, what is your “hokori (pride)”?
JH: (quick response) It’s CNBLUE for me.
YH: Me too, CNBLUE.
JH: Honestly, there’s nothing but CNBLUE. Especially we are busy for drama filming these days. But in spite of that, we never stop band practice. We do gather as four regularly. I think we are really good team.
YH: Also, luckily we have nice fans. We are really happy and proud of our band!
JH: From here a new start, I’d like to walk together with many people!
YH: From now on too, “yoroshiku onegai shimasu” (we hope for maintaining our good relationship).
JH: Until our hair go white (laugh).

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