Brian Joo to become a free agent

Singer Brian Joo will soon become a free agent as his exclusive contract with Jelly Fish Entertainment is about to expire.

Brian Joo has been under Jellyfish Entertainment the past two years since signing with the agency in 2010. However, a representative from the agency revealed that the singer’s contract will be expiring soon, and the two sides discussed and agreed that they will not renew the contract.

He will still be partaking in agency-related events and schedules until the contract expires officially. He is scheduled to perform at the Jelly Fish Live in Tokyo, Japan on September 12 and will continue his career as a free agent afterwards.

Brian Joo debuted under SM Entertainment with the duo Fly to the Sky. After the band broke up, he pursued a solo career in 2006 and has since released solo albums and toured various cities in America.

Source: Nate