A.Cian unveils MV for debut track “STUCK”

New idol group A.Cian has just unveiled the full music video for their debut title track, “STUCK”!

A.cian is a hybrid of “Ace of Asia” and “Musician”. The group is under ISS Entertainment and being comprised by five members named, Seulgi, Crooge, Chanhee, Sehee and Sanghyeon.

Leader Seulgi was a band’s vocalist during his high school days and is said to be able to dominate the stage with his looks and charisma. Chanhee was the member who spent the longest day as a trainee, while Sehee is known to have appeared on MBC’s “Starry Night.”

Crooge went to various dance competitions and just as leader Seulgi, maknae Sanghyeon started out in a band as well.

A.cian will perform “STUCK” for the first time on this week’s ‘Music Bank’. In the meantime, check out their debut MV below.