ZE:A’s SiWan envies Hyungshik’s tall height

Behind-the-scenes photos of ZE:A’s Lim Siwan and Park Hyungshik during a photo shoot have been a hot topic among fans since its release.

On August 29th, ZE:A posted on their official me2day some behind cuts from their album jacket shooting for Japanese version of “Phoenix”. The photos show Hyungshik having his individual cut while SiWan is looking up and showing lot of envy for his tall height.

Hyungshik, who is the tallest member in the team, boasts a height of 184cm (6′ 2″). He is looking sleek with white suits, and his confident look is drawing people’s attention as well.

Fans commented, “Park Hyungshik looks like a mannequin”, “So hot” and “I think Si Wan is quite serious.”

Source: StarN News