Yoochun Taiwan Fanmeeting : Ticketing Info!

For Park Yoochun’s first ever Asia fan meeting tour, he’s coming to Taiwan. If you want to meet face to face with the crown prince, please come to National Taiwan University Sports Center (Stadium) on September 14th. This event will definitely help you create good memories.

Fan Meeting Date: 2012/09/14 (Friday)
Entrance Time: 18:30
Time of Fan Meeting: 19:30
Venue: National Taiwan University Sports Center (Stadium) –No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt
Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan,
Ticket Sale: http://www.walkieticket.com/index.aspx , Family Mart convenience stores & 7-11
(Please note that 7-11 convenience stores are not available for ticket sales
on the first day of ticket sales.)

Ticket Price: 5000/4500/4000/3500/2500 (NT Dollars)
Organizing Unit: Muse Entertainment Inc.
Supporting Unit: Cjes Entertainment
Special Thanks to: Shanghai Han Sheng Cultural Media Communication Company
Ticket Sale Organization: Walkie Ticket System ( http://www.walkieticket.com/index.aspx )

Details concerning ticket sales:
1) 7-11 convenience stores are not available for ticket sales on the first day of ticket sales.
2) On August 25th, we will release tickets of uncompleted deals between 13:00~14:00 and in that hour, tickets cannot be purchased on Walkie website and Family Mart stores. Ticket sales will be continued after 14:00, August 25th.
3) Other than ticket bookings for the physically and mentally impaired, no tickets can be booked via Fax.
4) Ticket Purchase through Walkie website:
- Website membership is needed.
- Payment method: Credit cards accepted. ATM Transactions not available.
- How to get tickets: postal (Only addresses in Taiwan accepted, handling fee for each is $45 NT dollars)
- Please note that: If you can confirm whether your ticket sales deal succeeds or not, please check your purchase info on the membership page on Walkie. All successful orders will be shown in the purchase info on the membership page and there will be a message showing ‘successful order/transactions’. If you cannot see any information of the tickets you have purchase, it means that the transaction is unsuccessful. Please go through the purchasing process again.
5) Ticket Purchase through Family Mart & 7-11 convenience stores (limited to 4 tickets, no handling fee):
- No need for membership
- Payment method: Cash only
- How to get tickets: Receive tickets at Family Mart or 7-11 convenience store counters after completing payments.
6) Related web pages:
- Walkie Ticket Purchase process: http://www.walkieticket.com/sample/aspx
- Walkie Cellphone Electronic Ticket: http://www.walkieticket.com/wTicket.aspx
- 7-11 store search: http://www.ibon.com.tw/0000/store.aspx
- ibon ticket purchase process: http://www.walkieticket.com/ibon.html
- Family Mart store search: http://www.family.com.tw/marketing/inquiry.aspx
- Fami Port ticket purchase process: http://www.walkieticket.com/famiport.html
7) After printing out the ticket order in Family Mart or 7011 convenience stores, you have to complete the payment at the counter within 10 minutes. If you cannot complete the payment in time, ticket seats will not be guaranteed.
8) Seats are only confirmed after payment at Family Mart or 7-11. Do note that printing ticket order does not guarantee seats.
9) Tickets for handicapped

> Only accept orders through fax. Starting from 27 Aug (Mon), 12pm onwards.
>Limited to 2 tickets per handicapped (including companion’s ticket#, please download [walkie ticket purchase form ]http://www.walkietickefilest.com//華娛售票_購票刷卡單#100.07.01起適用).pdf[/url]. Fill in the form and fax it together with a photocopied handicapped booklet to (02)2577-0552. However do note that sucessful sending does not imply seats are guaranteed. Tickets are given according to sequence of receiving the orders.
>Forms will be ignored in the following situation: Incomplete form, missing information, handicapped booklet not attached, unable to verify the handicapped booklet.
>Bring along your identification and show it for verification before the fanmeeting. One has to pay for the price difference if he/she forgets to bring his/her identication or he/she is not the person.
>Handicapped and his/her companion have to enter the venue together.
>Tickets for the handicapped are limited, it is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
10) For returns, please read the terms and conditions
11) One person per ticket. Children below 6 years old are prohibited to enter. Please take care of your ticket as it would not be replaced if lost, damaged, burned or situation when it cannot be verified.
12) No filming allowed in the venue. Do not bring cameras or video cameras. If found, security will have safeguard at the booth. However, they are not liable for any damages.
13) Prohibited items: outside food or drinks, gold, glass, plastic bottled container, laser pen or any other dangerous objects. A security check will be conducted before entering the venue.

Credit: WalkieTicket
Translated by : Mandragore & Kareenchan of JYJ3