YG to review responses to 2NE1′s New Evolution World Tour?

YGE, the company of top singing idol group Big Bang, is pining their hopes on 2NE1′s New Evolution World Tour in United States and European countries during the second half of this year.

2NE1 is the first girl group in their country, South Korea, to hold a World Tour (New Evolution) which kickstarted at the Seoul Olympic Garden Stadium, last month, 28 and 29 August. Not only will they be performing in Asia, they will also perform in America and European countries in 10 different towns and states in 7 different countries.

The responses drawn from 2NE1′s concerts, especially upcoming ones in New Jersey on the 17 July and LA on the 24 July, will play an important role in the market. Last year, 2NE1 successfully pulled off a concert in Japan which drew 70 000 people.

Analysts states that this world tour in America and Europe is 2NE1′s way of testing the audiences’ responses. If the response this year is good, they will proceed to expand and further improve themselves next year. This type of thinking is like popular singer Lady Gaga. She also started from a small concert before proceeding to tours and is now standing at a even bigger stage.

In the view of the method used by 2NE1, the release of their new song has been delayed. Even with the earlier than expected release of “I Love You” last month, the new album and songs are still pushed to October due to their world tour, overseas promotion and other activities.

Source: 2NE1China管方微薄
Translated by: Siying@WeLoveBom.com