Yang Hyun Suk changed a lot since “Gangnam Style” syndrome?

Singer Psy guest-appeared on the August 29th installment of SBS ‘Night of TV Entertainment’, and revealed that he is being treated differently these days.

In the interview, Psy drew attention by talking about how people especially YG’s head, Yang Hyun Suk, treats him differently after “Gangnam Style” became such a hit.

The singer revealed, “Yang Hyun Suk changed a lot. Before, when picking up a phone call from me, he always said, ‘What? Why?’. But nowadays, he answers ‘CNN dongsaeng’.”

Psy made everyone laugh while talking about his popularity in the US. He said, “About 1,000 people recognize me everyday. I have to wear sunglasses. I never took my sunglasses off when I was in America.”

Source: StarN News