Who’s the new limbo king?

Teen Top member Changjo became the new king of limbo.

On the August 4th installment of SBS-MTV’s “Teen Top’s Rising 100 Percent”, Teen Top members went on a limbo competition against miss A members. In the episode, Changjo had to break miss A Jia’s record, which was 65cm, and set a new record by completing the 64cm.

Despite having a tall height of 179cm, Changjo surprised the staff members and the audience by showcasing his incredibly flexible waist.

The official limbo record in the entertainment world was 65cm, which was set by miss A’s Jia and 8eight’s Lee Hyun.

Meanwhile, Teen Top and upcoming group 100% challenged in breaking other celebrities’ records, such as 2PM Taecyeon’s push-up record, and Lee Seung Gi’s jump rope record.

Source: TV Report