Who is the least beautiful in 4minute?

In the latest episode of QTV’s “4minute’s Travel Makers” which will be broadcasted on August 8, the girls from two popular girl groups, 4minute and SISTAR, will play a game called ‘Tell the truth’.

During the filming, 4Minute’s maknae Kwon Sohyun was asked to rank the beauty (based on their looks only) of her fellow members. Without hesitation, Sohyun immediately ranked Gayoon at 2nd, Jihyun at 3rd, Jiyoon at 4th and unfortunately for HyunA, she came in the last place.

Sohyun confidently added, “I am the first! I keep getting more beautiful,” making the other members on fire by staring at her.

4Minute’s beauty ranking and their experience of receiving interest from other male celebrities will be revealed on the August 8th episode of “4minute’s Travel Makers”.

Source: Nate