Who is G.NA's Ideal type?

Singer G.NA confessed, “BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon is my ideal type”.

Through the broadcast of 4Minute’s Travel Maker on QTV cable channel on the 25th, girl group, 4Minute and G.Na went on a luxurious boat ride to Busan, and they did a some honesty talk.

After eating with 4minute at a BBQ store, G.Na said, “Whatever you’re curious about me, just ask, I will accept all of your questions.” Soon after, she received an unexpected question, “Among Beast, who do you like the most?”.

G.NA answered, “We were trainees since young, and both of us have been through those hard days”, all of the 4minute members shouted, “Doojoon, Yoon Doojoon” at the same time. G.NA was shocked, “How do you guys know?”

In one of a variety program last year, 4minute’s Heo Gayoon expressed her thoughts about going out with Doojoon. These three have now form a triangle-love relationship, and everyone are starting to be curious about it.

That day, G.Na said, “I need to get married by the age of 30, I don’t have much time left, not much time..” And it was heard later that 4minute members themselves complaining too, “We still don’t have any boyfriends yet”

CN-EN: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: TV Daily