Which BEAST member is friend of many female idols?

Idol Group, BEAST’s Junhyung is selected by the members as the member who has the most female idol friends.

On the 27th, on SBS’s Radio Broadcast, “Boom’s Young Street” 2nd part, BEAST appeared on the show.

During the live broadcast, a listener expressed that the member who has the most numbers from female idols is Son Dongwoon. Dongwoon immediately clarified, “I seldom converse (with females), and would never ask for their number,” expressing that he himself is a passive person while denying the statement.

DJ Boom then asked, “Then, among BEAST members, which member knew female idols’ numbers the most?”

Jang Hyunseung said, “no doubt that person Yong JunHyung”. He had chosen Yong JunHyung who publicly confessed that he is dating Kara’s Goo Hara, other members agreed as well.

Junhyung did not deny, and said, “Among idols, there are a lot of them which are of the same school as me. SISTAR’s Dasom is my school’s junior, T’ara’s Hyomin is a friend since high school, and I’m close to JiYeon since mid-school.”

Followed by, “That time, nobody thought that we would be singers, but meeting on stage now made us happy”, hinting a warm friendship in the same industry.

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Source: My Daily