Which After School member has the cleanest armpit?

After School member Lizzy revealed that Nana has the cleanest armpit.

The August 7th episode of Mnet’s ‘Yoo Sae Yoon’s Art Video’ created a special video to commemorate the 2012 London Olympics as well as cheer for the athletes who participated in the competition.

On this day, MC Yoo Sae Yoon invited After School as guest and told them the physical activities they needed to partake in. The members remarked with concern, “There actually aren’t too many members that are good at sports and like to exercise.”

Yoo Sae Yoon then teased the girls “I guess you guys don’t even sweat thanks to the deodorant”, referring to After School’s commercial for deodorant brand ‘Rexena’ that they had filmed in Japan.

Lizzy then unexpectedly revealed, “Nana unnie has the cleanest armpit so she became the main armpit model. She’s our ‘main armpit’”, and she made everyone laugh.

Source: Nate