US hip-hop magazine XXL lists 5 hottest K-Pop female rappers

As K-Pop music continues to garner fans across the world, US hip-hop magazine, XXL listed off its top five choices for the hottest K-Pop female rappers. Included in the list were Yoon Mirae, 2NE1’s CL and Minzy, 4minute’s HyunA and Wonder Girls’ Yubin.

The magazine stated that HyunA is “an extremely hot commodity in K-Pop.”

2NE1, who are also acknowledged in overseas countries, made it to the list. According to XXL, Minzy “has all the rapper traits coordinated down to the smallest detail” and CL “The self-claimed, ‘Baddest-Female,’ boasts superstar qualities on all forefronts.”

XXL describes Yubin as “a respected talent in the realm of K-Pop idols” and wrapped up the list with Yoon Mirae as, “Often praised within the Korean music scene as the best rapper in the country, hands down.”

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