Teen Top: “Shhh! Keep Your Voice Down”

At 1AM in the morning, almost child-like emotionally and the dangerous time of to be frank. Boys Record met with the most popular idol group these days, Teen Top

It’s the first interview with in half a year. Can you tell us the ‘big issues’ that have happened to each of you guys?

Niel: I cut my hair short. It’s my first time cutting it since I started life as a trainee, in 3 years. It’s a really huge change for me. I really like it now.

You also won first for high jump at the ‘Idol Star Olympics’?
Niel:Yup I did. It was a huge issue (laughs)

Not too long ago, Changjo created a new record for Limbo in Teen Top Rising 100% - War against Issue’. We knew you’re athletic but we didn’t know you’re that flexible.
Changjo: You saw that? Passing the 64cm mark, I think I had luck on my side.

But the article that was sent out mistook Changjo as Chunji.
Chunji: Really? I think that reporter likes me more.
Changjo: The big issues I created in the first half of the year – five stones and limbo, those two issues. And I’m still growing taller?

The members who have stopped growing?
Changjo: I think C.A.P has really stopped growing. Maybe because I’m still growing taller? The other members are still growing taller but it seems like Hyung’s the only one who’s shrinking.

Were there any other big issues to the other members?
Chunji: Getting 1st place with ‘Crazy’

Were there any people you left out in the award speech?
Niel: Other than C.A.P hyung mixing up the names of the album jacket photographer and the hair designer, there wasn’t anything else (That’s why photographer Hong Janghyun’s name became Song Janghyun)

C.A.P, what do you pick as the big issue for the first half of the year?
C.A.P: I can’t think of anything else except the negative ones (laughs)
Chunji: Hyung had his adult ceremony right.
Changjo: And we have a new car.
Chunji: It’s a much bigger car than the one previously. Now we’re going to change our dorm too.

How do you feel about the clothes you wore for the photoshoot today? Do you like it?
Changjo: Wearing a long sleeveless jumper was great. Although I’ve been working out, I’m still not able to achieve the body that I want.

But we could see your chest muscles cleavage when you guys were wearing just a t-shirt?
Chunji: Isn’t it normal for everyone to have a cleavage?
C.A.P: I have a valley in my chest.
Chunji: Everyone told me that my devil hair band was cute. That’s the point of my style today? When I was filming with Changjo, the fanciful pants left a deep impression on me.
Changjo: I really liked those pants. I should have been the one wearing it.

It seems like you guys tried finding it on online shops?
Changjo: Yes. But it was out of print. I really want to buy it one day
L.Joe: As compared to my clothes, my pink hair left the deepest impression on me. It kept covering my right eye.

Just now we saw you taking selcas while looking at the mirror, how satisfied are you with it?
L.Joe: It turned out well. I’ll upload it next time.
Ricky: When I was filming with L.Joe hyung, the grey top I was wearing was really stiff. I felt like I was wearing armour. I wanted to try wearing a huge earring, but then I thought of it, it would be awkward if it was dangling there.
Niel: I felt really awkward. The fanciful outfits I wore just now are not what I would wear usually. A photoshoot is still challenging for me.

But we couldn’t feel your awkwardness when you were filming. Who’s the least confident member during the photoshoot?
Niel: Me.

I think you guys are quite worn out. I heard that you guys are really chatty, but it’s silent now
Chunji: Shy
T/N: Chatty and Shy sounds similar in Korean. Chunji misheard the interview

I mean chatty. You must be really tired!
Ricky: Today’s concept (laughs)? Actually when the clock strikes 12…
C.A.P: Teenagers should sleep when it’s 12.

Do all of you like the style concept of the new song ‘Be Ma Girl?’? Who’re the greatest beneficiary and the greatest victim?
Chunji: I think everyone likes it? For each song, they take into considerations our opinions so we do not have any complaints.
Changjo: That’s right. Our company lets us do what we want.

Then among all the songs you have promoted, what’s the worst and the best?
Changjo: ‘Supa Luv’ was the worst. No matter what kind of photos we took then, it turned out weird. Of course our inexperience was one of the reasons…
Niel: Too strong of a concept
L.Joe: We tried to look strong but it seemed too forceful. It was just awkward.

Your hair colours are fanciful. You must have bleached and dyed your hair umpteen times. Who’s the member who has the most damaged scalp?
L.Joe: For the current hair now, I have to dye it about 3 or 4 times a week. Of course my hair’s really damaged. That’s why we’re doing treatment these days; applying hair lotion or essence or nutrients,
Niel: My scalp’s really damaged and I keep getting pus-filled pimples on my hair. It hurts every time I go to the salon.

Ricky, is there anything wrong with your sky blue hair?
Ricky: The colour keeps running out fast so I have to dye it again. But we have no time.

What did you feel when you first heard the name of the title track?
Chunji: I liked it. I felt like I wanted to date someone? It was easy on the ears. We were deciding between ‘Go out with me?’ and ‘Be Ma Girl?’. And the vote results were 4:2 so we went with ‘Be Ma Girl?’

Who were the members who wanted ‘Go out with me?’
Chunji: Niel and I

Part of the lyrics in the song ‘Even if I may seem clumsy and awkward I will treat you better than anyone else’ Although you may be clumsy and awkward, but which member do you think would be nicest to his girlfriend; and on the other hand, the member who’s not?
Chunji: Although Changjo has a shy personality normally, I think he really treat his girlfriend really well. L.Joe may seem he knows best, but when it really happens, I don’t think he knows what to do. Sometimes he’s like a ‘blackhole’
T/N: A blackhole/heodang is used to describe someone who seems perfect on the outside but is actually lacking in many areas, opposite of his/her image.
L.Joe: I’m quite shy.

But why, girls like guys who are quiet right!
Chunji: But if he’s too quiet she’ll get sick of him.
Ricky: Initially falling for his looks…
Changjo: And it becomes “Oh, he’s nothing much”
Niel: Because he has no charms.
Changjo: The rest of us are the kind where you would fall deeper for as time passes.

The 5 members are the type you would find more charming as time passes, but everyone has the best first impression of L.Joe?
Changjo: The more you see him, the more you find nothing in him! Nothing!

Is it okay for the maknae to speak like this?
Changjo: It’s okay.

How does L.Joe feel about this?
L.Joe: Next time I’ll spill beans on the other members. We attack one another as we go around.

Changjo, do you think you’re good at relationships?
Changjo: Erm. Because I haven’t really fallen in love…

Anyone who has been in true love before?
Changjo: Ah, I don’t think any of us? None.
Chunji: There can be. What do you know?
C.A.P: A first love is true love.
Changjo: Ah, really?

Of course not. Then what becomes of the second, third love?
Changjo: That’s bad. I’ll tell on sister-in-law that hyung you have thoughts like that.

If you have a girl you like, how do you plan on confessing? These days people confess through kakaotalk as well? Don’t you think that’s a little insincere?
Everyone: Eh, that’s really bad!
Chunji: Isn’t using messages to confess something that you do in elementary school?

So how are you going to confess to the person after meeting face to face? “Be Ma Girl?”
Chunji: That’s quite awkward. Meet up first then as we hold a conversation naturally, “Do you want to go out with me?”

Eh, you need to make an impact
Ricky: I love you! Saying it after drinking a cup of coffee in one shot! That’s a real man.
Niel: I… can treat you well?
Changjo: Eh, Niel hyung has a phobia of girls.
Chunji: Somehow Niel will be the one getting stood up on. He would be going to the place where they agreed to meet but the girl will not turn up.
Niel: I’m the kind that gives an all-in when I like the person, as long as I all-in…
Chunji: What?
C.A.P: With your words, words
Niel: Because I’m really shy, when I have someone I like, I won’t be able to approach her. But still, I will try to get closer and give her my all.

I won’t ask you about your latest confession, but I’ll ask you about the first time you confessed. Do you remember the first time you confessed to a girl?
Chunji: It was in the 3rd year of middle school.
Ricky: 6th year in elementary school for me.

To whom?
Chunji: A noona who was a year older than me. So we dated for 2 years.

Is there anyone who hasn’t made a confession before?
L.Joe: (raises his hand) I haven’t.
Niel: Me too

But you must have received confessions before right?
L.Joe: Yup

What’s with the confident tone in your voice?
L.Joe: She said that she liked me
C.A.P: What a filthy world.

And then?
L.Joe: I said that I mind. So I told her that we should remain friends.
Chunji: So you didn’t’ go out with her?
C.A.P: It’s filthy, really.

Why have you not made a confession before?
L.Joe: I’m the kind who observes for a long while
Changjo: Till it expires!
L.Joe: (not caring about the other members laughing at him) I’m not the kind who would confess from the first time I meet her, I observe for a long while.
C.A.P: That’s what we call keeping the options open.
Chunji: But L.Joe has never dated someone for a long while.

Niel why have you not made a confession before?
Niel: Because of my phobia. I can’t speak well in front of ladies. But I also don’t think it’s right if I confess through letters or emails. I’m going to confess, looking straight into her eyes.

When do you think you’ll be able to confess?
Niel: When I have someone I really like. To the point where I can’t live without her.

Then what does it make of your previous girlfriends?
Niel: Oh right. What does it make of them? But I was young then and I just replied “okay” to what she says
C.A.P: You have dated before?
Niel: I have dated many times
Changjo: Niel hyung has dated many times. You haven’t heard about his stories in school?
Niel: Since the 2nd year in elementary school…

Have you been in a relationship before?
Niel: Yes. But I’m the kind that breaks up really quickly. Because I’m not really sensitive and not the type to reply messages.

Is there anyone whose taste in girls differs greatly from the other members? We usually label them as ‘low taste’
Niel: Me
C.A.P: It’s not about having low taste
Chunji: C.A.P hyung’s unique
Niel: Hyung likes girls who look like they are good at exercise
Chunji: Someone with overwhelming healthy beauty.
Niel: I like someone who looks good when she smiles. Someone like Nam Sangmi.

As you sing ‘I’m still young so I can’t buy you nice things but that’s why I’m going to give you all my love’, if Teen Top get girlfriends, what do you want to buy for them?C.A.P: Candy
Changjo: That’s why no one will go for hyung. But why is C.A.P hyung trying to be innocent these days
C.A.P: Candy kiss
Changjo: That has already appeared in a drama
T/N: Candy kiss was a famous scene in Korean drama ‘Iris’
C.A.P: Yeah, that’s why I want to try it out.

Do you not like monetary presents?
C.A.P: Must we spend a lot of money on it?
Changjo: But we’re talking about true love here…
C.A.P: Do we have to spend 10,000 dollars for it to be considered true love? True love can be spending 10 dollars catching a movie together, boy.

Everyone excluding C.A.P: Smile, smile, aigoo (laughs)

Since Ricky was an actor when he was young, he seems to have more pocket money than his friends. At that age, did you buy presents that were not matching to your age?
Ricky: As compared to that, I prepared many presents.
Changjo: Oh, that’s quite cool?
Ricky: I put balloons, soft toys, hand-written letters into a box. That was in elementary school.
Changjo: You should have just put yourself in the box

Alright, alright, so what kind of presents do you want to buy for your girlfriends?
L.Joe: I want to do a couple tattoo
C.A.P: You shouldn’t be doing that for that purpose
Changjo: Says a hyung who has his body full of tattoos
Chunji: As long as you meet a girl with the same name (laughs)
L.Joe: If I were to spend the rest of my life with her, I’ll tattoo it at a place where only the both of us can see.
C.A.P: Sole of your foot.

What about the other members?
Chunji: A house. I have no intention of dating anyone now. In the future when I get a girlfriend, even if I will be in debt because of it, I want to buy her a house.

That’s not a present but preparing for marriage?
Chunji: Then can I answer it again? Then I’ll give her land!

Land? Oh my god. What about the members in their 10s?
Changjo: When I’m in my 20s, I’ll buy her a cruiser.

Are you really talking about cruise ship right now? The one that costs a few million dollars?
Changjo: That’s right cruise ship. I know it’s going to be extremely expensive but I will definitely buy it. The kind that even includes a jimjilbang.
Niel: I want to go on a holiday around the world with her. I plan to go when I’m 28 years old, even if I don’t have a girlfriend then, I’ll go alone.
C.A.P: I want to give her a puppy
Chunji: I going to record down every moment from the moment we fall in love.

I heard the members like to watch dramas so I guess you guys must have loved ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ then?
Chunji: Yes (laughs)
Ricky: I want to give her a couple outfit
Chunji: Let’s take it as couple underwear
L.Joe: Wouldn’t couple pyjamas be better?

From couple underwear to cruise ship, what a diverse response.
Chunji: In the end it means that we want to give them our all. Ah, I’ll gift myself to her.

When you have a girl you like, what song do you want to sing for her?
C.A.P: Noel sunbaenim’s ‘Propose’

You’re not going to do a freestyle rap?
C.A.P: Nope.
L.Joe: Since I can’t sing, I’ll play Bruno Mars ‘Marry You’ on piano for her.
Chunji: That’s quite good? I’ll play the guitar as I sing Park Hyoshin sunbaenim’s ‘It’s strange’
Ricky: I’ll sing Lee Seung Gi sunbaenim’s ‘Will You Marry Me’

Without any background music?
Ricky: If you want it? I’ll do it (laughs)

Do you have any ideas for surprise events?
Changjo: After learning how to play the piano, I want to compose a song and play it for her. I think it’ll be good if I record it and put it in a music box

Oh, that’s quite romantic?
Changjo: I know right? But right now I can’t play the piano at all so it’ll be difficult for me to do it right now.

What about Niel who sang UV’s ‘So cool I’m sorry’ sweetly?
Niel: I think Lee Seung Gi sunbaenim’s ‘Love Time’ would be good.

Girl group members always mention that they’re happiest when they’re in the dorm having delicious food together, so when do male idols feel the happiest?
Niel: When we’re back in the dorm after we’re done with our schedule, washed up.
Chunji: When we receive(?) our cellphones  from the manager which we passed to him when we start the day(?)
C.A.P: When we meet with our fans

Everyone excluding C.A.P: What the!

What’s the goal you want to accomplish in the second half of the year?
Chunji: If we could get a big award
Changjo: Male group award!
Ricky: Before that we want to hold an independent concert in Korea.
C.A.P: I hope everyone around me will be happy. And it’s really tiring these days, because of the heat… ah, I’m not supposed to talk about the present right?
Changjo: I hope we’ll be happy.

It seems that your heart’s not here right now, what do you want most at this moment?
Ricky: A shower! I want to wash away the makeup
Changjo: Settle my hungry stomach

What time is your schedule for tomorrow?
C.A.P: 7AM

You won’t be able to sleep much then. The following day after our last interview, you guys won your first 1st place. What do you think will happen for ‘Be Ma Girl?’ Do you think you can win 1st place this time too?
Chunji: Can you ask the question again?

What question?
Chunji: Whether we think we’ll get 1st. About getting 1st again.

Do you think you’ll win 1st?
Chunji: What was our answer then?
Niel said “Yes, I think we’ll be able to get 1st” etc etc…
Chunji: So Niel, answer the question, Quickly quickly!
Niel: Huh? Ah, yes I think we’ll be able to get 1st. We can do it. I have faith…

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