Teen Top discusses future plans on ‘Elle Girl’

After recently releasing and promoting their newest track “Be Ma Girl”, Teen Top participated in a photo shoot for the September edition of ‘Elle Girl’ magazine.

Teen Top is currently appealing to many female fans with “Be Ma Girl”. Unlike their strong image, which is represented by the provocative lyrics and the perfect group choreography, the members were actually very nice and polite.

In the interview, Niel revealed, “Off-stage, I have a shy personality so I don’t think I’d actually be able to do that.”

Fellow member talked about his hobbies and said, “Lately, we’ve been really into skateboarding”, while L.Joe showed his passion for music and performance by saying, “This year, my goal is to have one of my own songs added to one of our albums.”

Lastly, Teen Top revealed their aspirations, “We want to be together for a long time like Shinhwa.” Like the veteran group, Teen Top wants to work between group and individual activities and promote for more than 10 years.

Source: TV Report