Sung Yuri and Lee Sang Woo deny dating rumors

Sung Yuri and actor Lee Sang Woo’s agencies have strongly denied the rumors of the two’s relationship.

On August 27th, an official from Sung Yuri’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, said, “Sung Yuri and Lee Sang Woo’s romantic relationship is not true. It’s non-sense." He added, “As we know, they aren’t even that close to each other.”

Furthermore, Lee Sang Woo’s agency also said that the rumor is false, and they aren’t that close to get involved in a scandal.

Sung Yuri and Lee Sang Woo formed a relationship as colleagues after co-starring in MBC’s weekend series ‘Feast of Gods’. Recently, a local media outlet reported that the two stars have developed their feelings while filming the drama, to which their agencies denied it.

Meanwhile, Sung Yuri is currently having a break, and Lee Sang Woo is getting ready for a new MBC drama, which is to premiere in September.

Source: StarN News