Sulli, to sing IU's song 'Peach' on To the Beautiful You!

f(x)'s Sulli will be singing her best friend, IU's song 'Peach'.

On the 6th episode of To the Beautiful You, that will be aired on the 29th, Sulli will be taking off her disguise as a guy and will participate in a festival, singing 'Peach'.

IU had stated that she wrote the song 'Peach' while thinking about Sulli. When Sulli heard that there would be a scene where she would have to sing a song on stage, she stated that she wanted to sing this song. Many are anticipating to hear how Sulli would perform this song.

The scene where Sulli sings the song 'Peach' will be aired on the 29th, at 9:55PM.

Translation: -Hope @ weheartiu
Source: Mydaily