Song Hye Kyo feels awkward seeing herself with makeup?

Actress Song Hye Kyo confessed that she always feels awkward to see herself wearing makeups.

Through her photo essay titled ‘Hye Kyo’s Hour’ which published on August 30, the star revealed her everyday life story like the secret of keeping her skin clear. She particularly drew attention by confessing that she usually goes around with no makeup.

Song Hye Kyo shared, “I don’t really wear makeup often so when I do, my friends feel awkward about it. I feel awkward too.”

She added, “I try to drink a lot of water for my skin, and I enjoy having brunch. I visit the dermatologist time to time.”

In the segment ‘A woman who sleeps a lot’, Song Hye Kyo said, “I sleep a lot. But I often find it hard to fall asleep alone”, and confessed that she has an insomnia.

Source: TV Report