SISTAR’s Soyu injures Boom during show recording

Boom has unfortunately suffered an injury to his forehead because of SISTAR’s Soyu.

On the first recording for MBC Music’s new TV show “All the K-Pop” that took place on July 31st, SISTAR members appeared as the special guests. Boom was hosting the show when Soyu accidentally threw a magnet at him, which caused him to bleed.

During the show’s segment where idol guest stars have to stand back and throw a magnet on idol ranking chart, Soyu accidentally missed and threw it at Boom’s head instead. Boom’s forehead immediately started to bleed, which shocked the set.

Boom jokingly stated, “If I had been hit just a bit lower, I would’ve had to get surgery done on my precious nose again. I cannot place my nose in the hands of surgery again”, bringing laughter on set.

He added, “There’s a saying that if you see a ghost or blood on your first recording, the program will be a big hit. Thanks to Soyu, I think our show will be a big hit.”

According to the staff members, SISTAR members went to take care of Boom’s wound throughout the recording.

Source: Nate