SHINee reveals Jonghyun’s teaser for “Dazzling Girl”

SHINee is prepping up to make their Japanese comeback with a brand new single “Dazzling Girl”. After releasing Taemin, Key and Minho’s teaser, the fourth teaser photo has been unveiled featuring Jonghyun.

Similar to previously revealed photos, the new photo features a black and white concept and showcases Jonghyun, looking charismatic and sexy in his black and unique outfit.

Japan’s top active creators have gathered together for SHINee new single. Stylist Yuki Wantanabe and world acclaimed fashion designer Keita Maruyama participated in the single’s jacket covers to notch up the glamour factor of SHINee members.

Set to hit the stores on October 10th, the new single will include two new songs including the title track “Dazzling Girl” and “Run With Me”