Shin Se Kyung discusses friendship with SNSD’s Yuri on ‘TAXI’

Actress Shin Se Kyung recently talked about her close friendship with fellow “Fashion King” star and Girls’ Generation member Yuri on the August 16th broadcast of tvN’s ‘TAXI’.

During the episode, the actress was asked about drinking alcohol and revealed, “I recently drank with Yuri unnie.” Shin Se Kyung continued, explaining her friendship with Yuri by saying, “There are nerve wars between actresses, and Yuri being a Girls’ Generation member, it was definitely there.”

However, despite the nerve wars, the two stars became friends. The actress continued, “Because she has such an easygoing personality, we grew really close. We didn’t really get to see each other after that because we were both busy, but we contact each other often.”

Shin Se Kyung also discussed watching the final episode of “Fashion King” with the actors. She revealed, “All of the actors, actresses, and staff members watched the last episode together and we all cried. After that Yuri went outside, and as if she never cried in the first place, she was partying like crazy. She was dancing to ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and ‘Gee’, so I just decided to join her.”

Source: Soshified