Sandeul is afraid of...

The episode of KBS JOY B1A4′s Hello Baby broadcasting on 17th August will show the daddies visiting an English tuition school.

B1A4 revealed their aspirations to personally teach Eunsol and Hyunwoo English, and hence the production team sent them to an English tuition to test their skills.

The idea of educating the babies in English was suggested by Sandeul during the interview. He said, “idols need to be global, hence there is a need for English education”, repeatedly stressing on the importance, and showing passion to personally teach the babies.

However, at a question of having to spell ELEPHANT, Sandeul only wrote the first alphabet ‘E’ and the last alphabet ‘T’, showing himself as the member who needed the education in English the most. He immediately raised the concerns from the other members, and finally confessed that he had a fear of English.

On this day, the Hello Family had an honored visitor. In order to improve their practical English skills, the multicultural Canadian baby from ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby’, Lauren came to help.

Even though they were glad to see Lauren, they sweated at the frustration of not being able to communicate due to the given mission of only using English. Hyunwoo getting shy at the appearance of a new friend also made the daddies smile widely.

Source: TV Daily News
Translation Credits: skipfire @