Nelly Furtado wants to work with Big Bang’s T.O.P

Canadian musician Nelly Furtado has revealed that she too was a fan of K-Pop.

On August 14th, Nelly Furtado held an exclusive music showcase in Singapore to promote her upcoming album “The Spirit Indestructible”. While being away for the past years, the singer is clearly not out of touch with what’s popular on the airwaves and talked about Psy’s viral music video of “Gangnam Style”.

She also admitted that she’d like to collaborate with Big Bang’s T.O.P saying, “I wanted T.O.P on my new song ‘Big Hoops’!” She added that she envisioned that a collaboration would happen between her and a K-Pop artist.

Check out “Big Hoops” below. Would you like T.O.P to be featured on the song?

Source: XINMSN