Moon Hee Jun talks about H.O.T’s reunion rumors

Singer Moon Hee Jun opened up on the continuous rumors about H.O.T’s reunion rumors in the recent recording for E Channel’s ‘Absolute Girl’.

During the episode, MC Gong Hyung Jin asked Moon Hee Jun if he misses the past to which the singer honestly replied, “I’m missing it too much that I'm now almost exhausted.”

He added, “Rumors that H.O.T will be coming together have been circulating for a couple of years. Recently the members have started to take it seriously. However, we talk about it for 10 minutes and start getting drunk.”

To this, Sung Dae Hyun, who was a R.eft member and a fixed member of ‘Absolute Girl’, remarked, “H.O.T is the reason R.ef disbanded!”, evoking laughter to the studio.

Source: StarN News