MBLAQ to star in new variety show ‘Idol Manager’

MBLAQ will be starring in the upcoming MBC Every1’s variety program ‘Idol Manager’ before releasing their sixth album this fall.

Scheduled to begin airing on August 17th, ‘Idol Manager’ is a reality show that features an in-depth coverage of idol group members for 24 hours. In the show, three female managers will be acting as paparazzi as they follow around MBLAQ to their schedules and daily activities.

Mir stated, “MBLAQ has appeared in a lot of entertainment programs but this program is very different. I think it will be fun for both our members and the viewers since the premise of following an idol group around for 24 hours hasn’t been done before. Please look forward to it.”

Lee Joon said, “I feel so honored that our industry seniors will become our temporary managers. I’ll try my utmost to make this show interesting.”

‘Idol Manager’ will premiere on August 17 at 6PM on MBC Every1.

Source: TV Report