Lee Kwang Soo framed Kim Jong Kook’s nametag?

Lee Kwang Soo has brought laughter to many ‘Running Man’ fans after revealing a framed Kim Jong Kook’s nametag on his wall.

On August 7th, Lee Kwang Soo posted on his Twitter, “My mom framed the name tag I ripped off Jong Kook hyung’s back”, and he revealed the photo above. The photo shows Kim Jong Kook’s nametag from ‘Running Man’ framed and hung on the wall.

The nametag is from the August 5th episode in which Lee Kwang Soo took off the nametag of his teammate Kim Jong Kook after betraying him. During the episode, Kim Jong Kook stated, “Next week I’ll rip your name off in a way that the situation has to be blurred out on TV,” drawing the laughter of everyone.

Netizens commented, “Lee Kwang Soo’s mom is just as funny as him”, “His mom actually framed that to commemorate her son’s victory?” and more.

Source: Nate