Lee Jang Woo to perform “Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say” on ‘Music Core’

Actor Lee Jang Woo will be appearing on MBC’s ‘Music Core’ as a ballad singer.

On September 1, Lee Jang Woo will be standing on stage of ‘Music Core’ and perform his latest single “Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say”, the song he sang for on-screen wife T-ara’s Eunjung on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’. The actor will show off his talented vocal by singing the song live.

“Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say” is a farewell song performed by Lee Jang Woo for Eunjung. The song was released on several online music sites on August 25 and received considerable attention, ranking first on real time charts.

His agency, Made M Entertainment, stated, “The song was popular on music charts, so we decided to hold a live performance.”

Source: Star News