Lee Byun Hun to show his comic side on new movie

Actor Lee Byung Hun attended the press meeting for his new movie ‘Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King’ held on August 13th and promised fans and the media to show his new comedic side.

In the upcoming film, Lee Byung Hun has two roles, one as the tragic Chosun dynasty king Gwanghae and the other as a lowly peasant named Hasun who must act as king due to their similar appearance.

He said he received the offer for the role while he was filming ‘G.I. Joe’ and thought over it for about two months, adding that Hasun’s na├»ve and funny character was the biggest reason why he chose to do the film.

On acting two roles he said, “Gwanghae was an actual historical figure so I tried to bring what we already know about him while Hasun’s character was something I had to develop from what was written in the script”, adding “it was more difficult to form Hasun’s character than act two different roles”.

The film deals with Gwanghae, fearful of being poisoned, looking for a man to pretend to be king in his place and finding the peasant Hasun and making him king. Actress Han Hyo Joo plays the lonely queen who is loved by Hasun.

Source: KBS