L vs Woohyun vs Hoya, Who is the New Actor-Dol in INFINITE?

We are seeing the birth of another ‘actor-dol.’

Member Woohyun of INFINITE – who is the busiest promoting in Korea and Japan – is challenging acting though MBC fantasy-sitcom ‘The Thousandth Man.’

In the sitcom ‘The Thousandth Man,’ Woohyun’s character seems cool on the outside but if you get to know him, he’s a pure and charming man. Called the ‘national younger man’ for his good looks, feisty tone, and honesty, he will target the hearts of women.

To Woohyun, ‘The Thousandth Man’ is his first major TV acting challenge. Woohyun – who majored in entertainment broadcast – is known as the next generation’s actor-dol for his skills in the 2011 musical ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’ as the female lead’s son Jiyong.

Fellow team members L and Hoya are the most nervous for Woohyun’s acting challenge. In the past, INFINITE’s representative flower boy ‘L’ acted in tvN ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band.’ ‘Dancing Machine’ Hoya is ringing in the hearts of women and rising to the top through his silent and charismatic acting in the successful tvN ‘Reply 1997,’ where he displays stable acting.

In particular, Hoya plays a character who has a one-sided love for his same-sex friend Seo Inguk, and is receiving cheers for his expression of subtle ‘same-sex love.’ Hoya usually shows a powerful side onstage with his angled dancing and rap, so this unexpected charm attracts endless love from viewers.

After being received by the k-pop industry for their representative ‘synchronized choreography,’ group ‘INFINITE’ is showing new sides through the acting challenges of its members. After Hoya and L’s success, what will people think of Woohyun, who sharpened his acting skills in a musical? The top comes off August 17, when viewers will be focused on his first acting challenge.

Source: Review Star