Kim Min Jong to form Country Kko Kko project group

Country Kko Kko, the popular duo from the 90’s, will be making a comeback!

On August 18th, after 8 years of break, the reformation and reunion of Country Kko Kko will be broadcasted exclusively on the Season 2 of MBC music program, “Music and Lyrics.” The TV program follows the original Country Kko Kko member, Tak Jae Hoon, and his search for a new partner to replace Shin Jung Hwan. The man to fill those shoes was announced to be Koyote’s Kim Jong Min.

According to the crew of “Music and Lyrics”, “Both great fun and laughter will be presented through the synergy effect of combining comical characteristics of Kim Jong Min and Tak Jae Hoon.”

The two’s efforts to produce a new album will be documented all throughout the show for the fans’ viewing pleasure. The members of the Nine Muses are expected to help out by contributing to assist in writing lyrics for Country Kko Kko’s new upcoming album.

Source: KBS