Kim Jang Hoon to feature Paris Hilton on his MV

Paris Hilton will star in Kim Jang Hoon’s upcoming music video!

A representative of Kim Jang Hoon’s agency stated, For Kim Jang Hoon’s upcoming music video, we have finalized the deal in casting Paris Hilton. We are scheduled to have outdoor filming in LA and Malibu from August 23 to the 25.”

He continued, “We were considering to cast one of the three stars Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, and Paris Hilton. We conducted a survey in Korea to see who was most widely recognized which is how we came to choose her as our final lead.”

The music video will be filmed in both 2D and 3D versions. The best Hollywood movie staff members will join to help shooting 3-D and for special effects.

Kim Jang Hoon’s American agency stated, “We’ve already completed our final meeting with Hollywood’s biggest 3D staff members, and will be releasing finalized details on the 23rd. We are sure that the music video will be the best video ever in Korean history.”

Kim Jang Hoon will fly to LA on August 22 to shoot the video and he will go to New York on August 26 to prepare for his concert, which will be held in November.

Source: Sports Korea