Kim Jaejoong: “Kim Kyungtak would have been pitiful if he lived”!

Kim Jaejoong’s Kim KyungTak reached a tragic ending in MBC’s Dr Jin.

Aired on the 12th, Kim Kyungtak is trying to rescue Yongrae (played by Park Minyoung) amidst fierce fighting against French soldiers. His last words to her are “whatever they say, you are my love, my woman.” Yonghui, who confirmed Kyungtak’s death, was seen holding Kyungtak, sobbing while saying “Let’s go home together.”

This is the last segment of Oh My Star’s interview with Kim Jaejoong. “Kyungtak would have been unhappy if he was alive”, he said. “His father, Kim ByungHee who was his main reason to live, had died and it would have been tough to live happily after”, according to his interpretation.

Followed by Kim Jaejoong, “In the last day of shooting, Yonghui hyung by the end is the most pitiful, hugging the body of his beloved friend.”

From the beginning to the end, the fate of Kim Kyungtak’s story is unclear. “His story can go in either direction, it is drastic, and even expected that it will be sad. I don’t have fortune in love, friendship and parent-child relationships.”

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong said, “at the end of the episode of Dr Jin, Kyungtak’s only greed is to be always one step behind protecting that person who has a far-reaching dream of a new world. Kyungtak has made clear of that sentiment until the end.” Subsequently, “Dear viewers who laughed and cried together with me, I really appreciate the support.”

Credit: Nate
Translated By: rubypurple_fan of JYJ3