Keep Up With 2NE1′s Mesh Styling!

If we look back, 2NE1 has always been known for their fresh and unique songs and strong personalities. Recently, they’ve been gaining attention for their mesh message t-shirts in particular, that they wore on-stage during a recent performance.

2NE1‘s stages have always been vibrant, ever since their debut. Not only because of their attractive songs and brilliant choreography, but also because of their funky and vivid outfits. Nowadays, to bring out their more mature and feminine styles, they’ve revealed a different style to the public.

Their recent mesh styling is one of their most eye-catching pieces, showing off their sexy side. This 2NE1 good was designed to show the same message in the same calligraphy as their neon-colored t-shirt goods. All of the members participated in coming up with ideas and designs for this particular t-shirt, which they’ve selected as a stage costume.

CL wore a reformed top version of teh black sleevess mesh T-shirt, Bom cut off the sleeves of the mesh t-shirt, producing a sleeveless version.

2NE1′s charming member, Sandara Park, made the best use of the mesh t-shirt as she shows off some skin, giving off a rockstar feel.

And of course, with 2NE1, funky and colorful accessories would not be left behind. As always, their bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are in bright colors with unique designs, in fact these accessories showed off more of the girls’ bright personalities and unique style, as these goods are designed by the 2NE1 members themselves!

Source: First Look
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara