KARA talks about their god given gifts

KARA members made honest comments about their “god given gifts”.

At the press conference held before KARA’s 5th Mini-album “Pandora” showcase at the Walkerhill hotel in Seoul on August 22, the five members gave witty and honest answers to a question asking about their own unique charms.

Park Gyuri stated, “I think god gave me positiveness and confidence.” Goo Hara, who confessed that people told her she had the body of a child, replied, “I’m thankful for being not gaining much weight, no matter what I eat.”

The singer added, “However, it was not easy for me to have a glamorous figure and that has inspired me to work out harder. Now I’m happy that many people are recognizing some changes in my figure.”

Seungyeon also chose small head as a gift that god gave to her, Nicole chose her health while JiYoung was grateful for her height.

Source: StarN News