KARA members grace ‘High Cut’ magazine

Having already showcased their powerful and sexy charms on their comeback title song Pandora, the lovely ladies of KARA are back gracing the cover of fashion magazine, ‘High Cut’.

On August 30th, High Cut magazine unveiled photos taken of KARA at a recent photo shoot. While showing more sexy and charismatic looks when they are on the stage, the pictorial shows KARA in a mixture of sporty and girlish concept.

The members are seen wearing various outfits, showing off their youthful beauty. Along with their natural innocence and baby faces, they showed a glamorous aura while posing in different kinds of outfits.

In the interview, KARA leader Gyuri talked about the group saying, “I can’t guarantee and say that KARA will last forever, but we all know that we look the best when we are together. I think that should be just enough, because there are people who don’t know what that means.”

Seungyeon told her agony about age saying, “When I was much younger, I thought every girls would become like Jun Ji Hyun when they get over 20. But, I'm 25 now, and I think I’m quite far from that. It will be a bit weird to get into late 20s or 30s without any changes.”

The maknae, Jiyoung, discussed about their new song “Pandora”, “We all tried hard to show mature looks in ‘Jumping’ or ‘Lupin’, but I think there were some cute looks still left on us. However, we really want to show some different looks. The costumes are a bit short, and I’m just a bit worried that the fans might ask us to wear something longer.”

Source: StarN News