JYP Entertainment’s “FAN’s Day” event ends in success

JYP Entertainment successfully finished its first ever “FAN’s Day” event.

Launching for the first time this year, JYP Entertainment and its artists held the “FAN’s Day” at the Seoul’s Platoon Kunsthalle from August 3 to 5. Approximately 4000 fans participated in the event to interact with their favorite idols in close proximities.

During the event, various exhibitions, displays and other fun activities were provided, and a lot of JYP stars attended to meet up with the fans.

Yenny, Lim, Suzy, Fei, and Chansung personally distributed coffee and snacks, Wooyoung and Junsu transformed into DJs at a booth and played fans-requested music, and Taecyeon, Yubin, Fei, Suzy, and Junho drew caricatures and hennas for fans on their arms and faces. Sohee, JOO, JB, Jr. distributed ticket and bracelets at the entrance and Sunye and San E made special performances.

JYP Entertainment stated, “The artists were very happy to be able to do various things that they weren’t able to do before with their fans. We hope to get closer to the fans that give out their love to JYP Entertainment.”

Source: StarN News