Ji Hyun Woo enlists in the army

Actor Ji Hyun Woo has made his official enlistment with the Korean military on the afternoon of August 7th.

Appearing with his newly shaved head, Ji Hyun Woo last met with his fans and entered the base in Chuncheon. The actor was supposed to enter July 3, but had to postpone the date due to medical treatment as he was hurt while shooting scenes on horseback for the drama “Queen In-hyun’s Man.”

The actor expressed, “Despite the hot weather, thank you all for coming here today. I’ll work hard during my time in the military and safely return”, before he left.

After spending four weeks at the training facility, the 27-year-old actor will undertake 21 months of mandatory military service in the army.

Ji Hyun Woo spent time with his lover, Yoo In Na in a last date a day before his enlistment. The actress decided not to go to the military base because a lot of fans will bid the actor farewell.

Source: JoongAng Daily