Japanese fangirls cried because of BEAST's Dongwoon?

Dongwoon shared a story happened in Japan.

On the 27th, Idol group BEAST appeared as guest on SBS Power FM, “Boom’s Young Street”, their first radio broadcast since their comeback.

Since BEAST has been traveling to many countries, DJ Boom came up with a question "When do you feel that you are really popular now?" and the members revealed a shocking story while staying in Japan.

Hyunseung started by saying "We always went out together so people would recognize us. They wanted our autograph and it turned out to be Dongwoon's fans."

Dongwoon then elaborated the saying with the Japanese fan, he revealed "We ate ramen then after that, a fan came to us  crying and saying she wanted to marry me." Doojoon verified the story and added "Dongwoon is really popular even in Europe and America."

Source: Newsen
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