Jaejoong has the eyes of an actor?

“In my eyes, I can see that Jae Joong possessed the kind of eyes an actor have”

Kim Eung So and Kim Jae Joong acted in MBC’s weekend drama, Dr Jin, which ended on 12 Aug. They were at an opposing stand in the drama but at the last moment, there is a heartwarming scene with the father and the son.

So what’s the Senior Kim Eung So’s opinion of idol-turned-actor Kim Jae Joong? Recently in an interview, “I thought he only wanted to be a singer, strange to say, I didn’t see him act before.”

“I knew about Kim Jae Joong when my daughters were watching television. He caught my eyes when he was performing. He is very attention catching even through an actor’s point of view.” I asked, “Who’s he? How old is he? He’s eye catching.”. My daughters got a shock. There are many things in Kim Jae Joong’s eyes, like James Dean. There is sorrow, and rebellion even when he is singing on stage.”

Kim Eung So always put on a smile when he praises Jae Joong. He thinks that Jae Joong is an actor and he regard Jae Joong as his son. He said, “during the initial filming, I found that the expression in his eyes disappeared. Why? I think it’s because he have not gotten a hang of his character, I used to be like that. Gradually, I can see the gaze appearing again. I was watching him acting all the while, and I feel that he is just like me.”

Jae Joong is very calm and not panicky. Once he has an idea, he will follow it. He still remained calm despite having to act with all the more experienced actors and he is opposing me in the drama. He said that he wanted to do a good job in acting and he stayed calm till the very end.

Kim Eung So is satisfied with Jae Joong’s acting. He usually does not like to comment on other’s acting or teach them how, but this time, he continuously praised Jae Joong’s acting. “He is a poised child, why wouldn’t he be anxious about taking on being an actor when he is used to singing? The fact that he remained his composure shocked me.”

“Jae Joong might not notice, but whenever I was at the set, I can see him. He is always sedate no matter what, he never gossip or fool around during fliming, especially in front of the elders and his peers. He could still calmly flim when 1500 fans were there on the set, he was not distracted by the fans.”

Jae Joong respected Kim Eung So. Seeing him with a 2c phone [T/N: non smart phone], Jae Joong presented him with a smartphone. Kim Eung So said while looking at the phone Jae Joong gave him, “This is a very useful phone. Seeing me carrying this around, my manager who barely speak 10 sentences in a year laughed, and asked, ‘you know how to use it?’. In fact, I really didn’t know how to use but Jae Joong has already adjusted the settings for me and he taught me how to use during filming, now I already knew half of it”

Source: Newsen via Nate
Translated by: KareenChan of JYJ3